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How does the ice get to your dog?

Each package contains 12 cups of 90 ml ecological and 100% recyclable boxes and shipped dry ice. The dry ice usually keeps the frozen yoghurts ice cold for up to 24 hours. The coolant evaporates slowly and should not be inhaled, remainders must not be touched (risk of cold burns), keep children and animals away.

Our shipping days:
Monday to delivery Tuesday
Tuesday to delivery on Wednesday
Wednesday à delivery Thursday

Orders that arrive after 10:00 a.m. on Thursday will be dispatched on the following Monday.

If there are a particularly large number of orders or a bank holiday disrupts shipping schedules, there may be a delay, which you will be informed of. If this takes too long for our customers, we will refund the amount paid on request and cancel the order. The status of the delivery can be tracked with the DPD tracking number.

Where we can deliver:
DPD delivers nationwide to mainland Germany. The North and Baltic Sea islands are excluded from regular express shipping, sorry for that.

What does the express delivery cost you?  Since shipping by the next working day is a complex matter, we have to add a delivery fee of € 4,95. The shipping of two ice boxes is free of charge.                                                                                                           


Very important information about delivery, please read carefully

Please ensure that the parcel, which has a limited shelf life, is received on the delivery date indicated by DPD at the address you specified and that the frozen yoghurt is frozen immediately. If the courier cannot successfully deliver the package to the delivery address and the contents are therefore thawed, a free replacement of the frozen yoghurt is excluded.

Warning, the styrofoam box contains dry ice. Keep children and animals away! Avoid direct skin contact and do not consume. Please open very carefully and only in very well ventilated rooms or in the fresh air, allow residues to evaporate. Otherwise there is a risk of suffocation. Never touch dry ice without suitable protective gloves, there is a very painful risk of burns.
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