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A fresh idea

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How it all started ... 

Thank Lupo!   

The main actor when the company was founded was our Doberman-Shepherd mix Lupo. Like almost every other dog, he loved to cool off with us kids and our ice cream on warmer days, and it was our grandma who put an end to these fun times and made us aware of the harmful side effects for our four-legged friend. As with many things in life, ice cream for Lupo went under Tastes delicious, but it is unfortunately unhealthy. So paws off.

Lupo was deeply saddened and somehow the ice cream didn't taste that good under his sad eyes. What could be more natural than to mix a cool down for the four-legged friend? He was very pleased with the first attempts and so we put the idea at a favorable time in the future.  

A few years later ... 

COLD & DOG is born 

We planned our first tasting campaigns with delicious animal compositions, which were developed from the start with the assistance of veterinarians. The ideal location for our dog gelateria was quickly found.

Welcome to Grunewald. With official approval, we offered hundreds of four-legged friends our delicious dog ice refreshment to try in the dog exercise area known throughout Berlin. The results were incredible, Lupo was right. Many of the dogs licked themselves into a trance out of sheer joy, forgetting the world around them. Cold & Dog dog ice cream makes dogs hot was clearly at the top of the tail wag scale. After further successful sweets, we founded our company. The Cold & Dog ice cream factory was born.  

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Lick me ... 

What makes our ice cream special? 

Conventional ice cream is unsuitable because of its high sugar content, lactose and other ingredients. We say “less is more” and we always bring the best together in the ice cream machines. Only the highest quality food-grade products end up in our cups. All varieties have a probiotic effect and ensure a healthy intestinal flora. Of course, everything is sugar-free and lactose-free! You can still pamper your dog with 4 types of dog ice cream (more types are being planned).
⦁ For the capital city dog ​​frozen yoghurt with Neuland beef and organic carrots.
⦁ Your dog is more of a gourmet? Then try our cheese & spirolina ice cream.
⦁ We can serve the Mediterranean dog fresh wild salmon with organic carrots.
⦁ Or you have a vegetarian who you would like to surprise with fresh organic apples and bananas. 

Cold & Dog the refreshing snack for in between ...  

… knows no limits. Available in:

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