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Our ice cream is produced with lactose-free, fresh yoghurt and natural ingredients in high-quality food. The recipes were developed with the help of our four-legged product testers and convince even the pickiest fur wearers. Frozen yoghurt is easy to digest and can support healthy digestion. Extra puffs are not to be expected.

Take the cup out of the freezer, pull off the circuit board and let it stand for a few minutes at a safe distance from the dog, before it is best simply pushed in front of the muzzle for great fun.

We recommend serving the frozen yoghurt in the original cup, as the ice-cold pleasure is most gently absorbed by licking and swallowing the entire portion is almost impossible. Even the fastest twists can finally enjoy the pleasure of a treat for many minutes.

Never leave your darlings alone with the frozen yogurt. If a cup is nibbled or bitten into, there is no need to worry, our paper cups are made in Italy and meet German quality standards.

Since the health of your four-legged friends is very important to us, we forego all risk factors.

Ice lollies could cause the doggos to get stuck in their throat or stomach. The variant in the cup, on the other hand, offers long and carefree licking pleasure.

Yes. Each cup is made in our Berlin ice cream factory under the watchful eyes of our happily waving quality testers. We only use natural, food-grade ingredients and produce fresh every day.

Most of our ingredients come from Germany. Certified organic farmers from the area supply us with beef and chicken liver. The yoghurt comes from southern Germany, we purchase all other products from the Berlin wholesale market or from specialized suppliers. We also attach great importance to safety when it comes to packaging, our cups come from Italy and meet German quality standards.

Each package contains 12 cups of 90
ml. These come with our new one ecologically recyclable boxes and shipped dry ice. (More
You can find this on our homepage under Shipping and Delivery Conditions.)
The dry ice usually keeps the frozen yoghurts ice cold for up to 24 hours. The
Refrigerant evaporates slowly and should not be inhaled, residues
must not be touched (risk of cold burns), children and animals
definitely keep away.

We ship with DPD Express within 24 hours. This means that DPD will deliver the parcel to the specified address no later than 24 hours after it has left our ice cream factory. Our shipping days are from Monday to Wednesday.

We will send you a dispatch notification on the day the package is dispatched. A shipment notification with a tracking link for shipment tracking is sent by email from DPD.

In the refrigerator at -6 ° C or colder: a few hours
In the refrigerator at -12 ° C or colder: 1-2 days
In the fridge / freezer at -18 ° C or colder: up to a few months (see best before date)

Most adult dogs cannot tolerate dairy products. The symptoms are similar to ours and are extremely undesirable for everyone (flatulence, diarrhea, abdominal pain, vomiting). That is why we process lactose-free yoghurt from southern Germany that has been specially produced for us

An increased number of pups is not to be expected after consuming our frozen yoghurt. We only process lactose-free yoghurt and use the fiber inulin from the chicory root. Inulin has a positive effect on the intestinal flora and ensures the colonization of good intestinal bacteria, while undesirable bacteria are reduced.

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